Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mating Rituals: Two

And now we bring you another installment of the Mating Rituals of the Desperate.

This couple is older than the last that we followed. Mid-40's and recently divorced if the not-yet faded ring tans are any indication. Pretension oozes into the air around them like a fog, washing over the unfortunates sitting near them.

They make an intriguing pair. She's pretty in her three shades of purple and just-over-the-top jewelry. Every hair is in place and her makeup application could rival people who've spent twenty years in the business. She has set her bags on the table rather than the floor, arranged so labels flash at the casual passerby; Banana Republic, White House | Black Market, Dillards. Symbols of the very large settlement she's currently discussing with her potential mate.

He's middle-aged, overweight and over the top. Everything about him shrieks of High Middle Class and status symbol. In an attempt to seem hip, though it comes across as sloppy, he has removed his tie and undone the top button of his shirt. His floppy hair is full of copper highlights and he is playing with his key chain, clearly flashing the BMW key as he complains about how much he lost to his wife.

The conversation continues on this vein for some time, before moving on to kids. She has three, he has one. She smiles as he talks about his son, the basketball star. He interrupts to ask if she wants anything to drink.

“No,” She says, glancing at the beverage menu on the wall. “I'm watching my weight.”

“I like a woman who takes care of herself,” He responds, visibly annoyed as he slips his wallet back into his pocket. “What about your kids?”

Three daughters, all beautiful and accomplished. His eyes have wandered away from her face and settled on her ample cleavage. She notices and shifts just a little. Conversation again shifts. She does charity work in her free time, he has a high-level position at a local corporation. This doesn't last long, as neither of them are particularly interested in what the other does.

She glances at her watch and manages an almost-convincing show of being surprised. “I have to go, the girls will be home. It was really great meeting you. We'll have to do this again sometime.”

“Sounds great,” he says, his keys still in his hand. “I'd better get going, too. Hey, do you have Facebook?"

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